UR Music

Disc One
1- Samal Baghdad
2- The Searching
3- Sailors Three
4- Morning in Hyattsville
5- The Other Time
6- Rocio
7- Missing You / Mae Querida
8- Dance of the Palms

Disc Two
1- Fly Away
2- Going Home
3- Athens to Baghdad
4- Lullaby
5- River (The Passage)
6- Qaasim
7- Waterfall

“Powerfully Beautiful ”
– Christian Science Monitor

“This cd is world music of the first order.”
– GvonT, Sing Out! Magazine

“The music, by intention rather than default, is a series of accommodations-between the Iraqi oud and instruments from other cultures, and between poles-apart rhythmic and harmonic traditions–and is given overall coherence by AlHaj’s vision of music as a healing force between nations.”
– Chris May, All About Jazz

“This is one of the most fascinating and gripping albums in any style of music.”
– Lucid Culture

“He didn’t just invite these artists to jam, but rather composed music that capitalizes on their talents and their artistic multilingualism…It is a dream to listen to as well.”
– Keith Goetzman

“World beat like you’ve never heard it before, it’s mostly sitting down listening that doesn’t come with any pretensions, just an open heart that will draw you in. First class all the way.”
– Midwest Records

“The performances on Little Earth have an immediacy that can catch you of guard at times, capturing your full attention with the strength of gravitational force.”
– Chris Davenport, ACTivist Magazine

“Miraculous…Some of the most moving music I have heard in a long while. AlHaj composes and performs from the depths of his soul and intense life experiences.”
– The Whole Music Experience

“AlHaj is taking the Iraqi Maqam – in all of its forms, intonations, and chromatic modes – and transforming it to fit a global perspective.”
– Michael Nolledo, Alarm