Fast Horse Recordings

– Closeness
– Iraqi Lullaby
– Oak
– Gray Morning
– Qassim
– Compassion for Jackie & Michael
– Trip
– Fly Away
– Baghdad, New Mexico

– Rahim Alhaj music is beautiful, mysterious, and powerful. I’ve never heard anything like it. He has his own voice_ his own sound. I hope many people will have the chance to hear his new album, Home Again, made up of his own very personal compositions. Listen. He is an inspiration. Bill Frisell
– Home Again continues the remarkable CD listening journey that Rahim Alhaj has offered his world audience since settling in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2000. He Documents the passion of an Iraqi musician to turn the pains of refugee life into an act of global citizenship. In composition after composition we hear Rahim grapple with place and memory, with sound and sentiment. His ability to musically reside in multiple realities is a grand testimony to the power of musical cosmopolitanism in these times. Steven Feld
– This complex music communicates with an astonishing immediacy via a direct emotional channel that bypasses cultural obstacles. Playing with passionate eloquence, Alhaj speaks irresistibly to the heart in a universal language of compassion. Mel Minter