– Introduction…
– The Second Baghdad
– Dance of the Palms
– Dream
– Sunset of the City
– Childhood
– Missing
– Yearning
– Ehnana
– Horses

– The Iraqi oud player Rahim Alhaj is a poet. His CD, “the second Baghdad,” display his strong lyrical gifts sharp sense of rhythm, and capacity for intense, often poignant, emotional expression .He is a storyteller in music,his songs are like tales that speak directly to the heart. He is fluent and subtle master of oud, a beguiling instrument with ancient roots .in his hands it creates an intimate art that speaks vividly, touching regions words cannot reach. it also dissolves distance as Alhaj makes his homeland and its peoples come alive and reminds of our common humanity. Joanne Sheehy Hoover, “Music critic, Albuquerque Journal”
Rahim AlHaj plays solo oud in a manner that shows his classical training (Baghdad Conservatory). Western listeners will, when listening to SECOND BAGHDAD and IRAQI MUSIC IN A TIME OF WAR, often compare them to Spanish guitar greats more than to other oud masters who play more popular styles geared to dancing or orchestral work. John Bream comes to mind, as well as Segovia. World-discoveries